Class Notes

I will be selecting topics as the semester progresses. If you are interested in something, please let me know and I will try to incorporate it. The following list is subject to change and modification.

The course outline specifies the following material:
  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of Graphics Software
    2. Overview of Graphics Libraries and Application Programming Interfaces
    3. Local Resources and Practices
    4. Graphics Hardware
  2. Using a Graphics API
    1. Background and Architecture
    2. Syntax and Interface
    3. Graphics Pipelines
    4. Shaders and Shading Language
  3. Mathematics for Computer Graphics
    1. Linear Interpolation
    2. Trigonometry
    3. Vectors and Matrices
  4. Color
    1. Background
    2. Color Models
  5. 2D Concepts
    1. Primitives: Attributes and Algorithms
    2. Transformations and Homogeneous Coordinate Systems
    3. Clipping
    4. Modeling vs Viewing Coordinates
    5. Rasterization
  6. 3D Graphics
    1. Projections
    2. Polygon Surface Rendering
    3. Hidden Surface Removal
  7. Light and Color
    1. Color Models
    2. Lighting Model
    3. Phong Shading