Research Project

The research project is designed to meet the majority of course objectives. As such, it represents a significant portion of your grade. You should take this process seriously and meet the time deadlines. Work which is not submitted by a deadline is subject to a score of 0.

For this project you are to select an topic of current research within Computer Science and perform in depth research on the current state of the art for that topic. This project will consist of a number of components which are described below.

All normal restrictions on plagiarism apply. The penalty for plagiarism or other violations of the code of conduct will be failure in the class and possible further sanctions.

Please note, this is the official schedule. For any conflict between these dates and other dates in the syllabus, these dates take presidence.

Item 1stDue 2ndDue
Weekly MeetingsStarting 9/9 Ending 11/21
Proposal Presentation9/28, 9/30 
Annotated BibliographyDraft 10/17Final 11/21
PaperDraft 10/17Final 11/21
Poster11/?? (For Printing)11/18
Project Implementation11/21 
Final Presentation11/30, 12/2, and 12/9  
Note: This document changes from semester to semester. While I attempt to provide correct dates within the text for individual items, the dates in the above table represents the official due date for any semester.

General Rubrics