Homework will have three different themes.

Due Dates and Submissions

Please turn your homework in when it is due.

Homework will be posted here, and should be considered assigned when it is discussed in class.

Homework will be submitted via d2l. Each homework will have a due date with a closing time. Failure to submit your homework by this time means you have failed to submit your homeowrk.

Neatness Counts

All homework must be presented in a professional manner. Essay type questions must be typed, diagrams should be produced using drawing software. It is only acceptable to turn in handwritten homework when performing mathematical computations (such as those from chapter 2)

Proper identifying information is required for all homework. Each homework should include your name, class, and information about which homework it is. Each problem should include a problem number, or possibly a copy of the problem statement/question.

I reserve the right to deduct points for sloppy work.

A Note on Computers and Software

It is common for computers to break, for software to be poorly documented and harder to use than you originaly anticipated. It might even be necessairy for you to learn new software to complete an assignment. None of these problems are sufficient justification for late or incomplete assignment submissions. You should complete your assignments as soon as possible to avoid any of these problems.

If, in the course of working on an assignment, you encounter problems with a computer, software or anything else, I encourage you to seek assistance.