Homework 5, Chapter 4.

Short Description:

Terms and Ideas from Chapter 4.


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

Please start a word document and answer/respond to the following.
  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Gate
    2. Circuit
    3. Logic Diagram
    4. Truth Table.
  2. For the and gate
    1. Draw the gate.
    2. Give an boolean expression to represent the gate.
    3. Give a truth table to represent the operation of the gate.
  3. Give the truth table for the expression $A + B'$.
  4. Give the logical expression represented by the truth table

Required Files

A single word document containing the answers to the questions and prompts. Please use word format, other formats will receive a reduction in points.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 5 by the due date.