Introduction to Computer Science, ECSC 125, Sections 1

Welcome to ECSC 125 section 1 spring 2023.

MWF 11-11:50 Ross 136.

Class Information

In this class we will examine the discipline of computer science. We will attempt to discover what computer science is and is not. We will do this by taking a breadth first look at the field.

In addition we will begin to examine how computer programs are written by studying problem solving and algorithm development.

Students will complete lab assignments to enhance their understanding of concepts explored. You will be required to spend time working on a computer.

Truth in Advertising

This class is designed as a first class for a student who wishes to major in computer science. To that end, this class presents a significant amount of very technical material which includes some mathematics and some mathematical reasoning.

Students who are taking this class for completion of the computer skills section of their degree, and who are not interested in computing, should seriously consider an alternative class. The effort, ability, and time required for this class are significantly greater than what is required for ECSC 104.

We have a considerable amount of material to cover, and students should expect to read the textbook before the material is covered in class.