Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

University Attendance Policy

Key elements of this policy include the following:

Students are expected to attend each class meeting in its entirety. Faculty members shall maintain a record of classroom attendance throughout the semester, and the student is responsible for verifying their attendance when arriving late to class and/or justifying early departure.

Class absences are excused for medical reasons documented by medical personnel, university activities approved by the appropriate vice president or designee, and/or for personal exigencies. University activities to be recognized as an excused absence include, but are not limited to: scheduled athletic competitions; academic competitions in which the student is a participant; military duties; auto accidents; death of an immediate family member; and medical emergencies. Verification of such absences may be required by the instructor, and the student is responsible for make-up work as required by the instructor. Students with excused absences are permitted to make up missed work and are responsible for all missed assignments without penalty.

Students will be asked to sign an attendance sheet or answer roll call. I will use the data collected on this sheet to determine borderline grades. I will also use this information when asked to provide references, recommendations and other documentation in support of the students.

If you must miss an exam, presentation, or some other performance measurement, you should contact the instructor before the class you must miss. Only in the case of an verified emergency will the instructor permit the student to make up a missed measurement without prior arrangements.

At the instructor's option, missed test grades will be replaced with the score the student achieves on the final exam.

Updated 8/22