Homework assignments will be posted here as they are assigned.

Homework in this class is intended to provide students practice with the skills and concepts discussed in class. By completing the homework students should gain/improve these skills. It is important that you demonstrate the skills listed in the objectives. Failure to do so will resulted in reduced or no credit for the homework.

Due Dates and Submissions

My intention for the timing of the homework is that you work on it when it is assigned. You should complete it by the next class unless you have a question or problem. You should not delay starting the homework until it is due. There may be time at the end of class to work on homework.

Homework should be submitted by the due date according to the instructions provided. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework which is not submitted according to the instructions will not be accepted.

If you have trouble submitting a homework assignment, contact the instructor before the homework is due.

A Note on Homework

Since the book does not have homework assignments, I will be constructing the homework assignments myself. It is likely there will be some points of confusion or even contradictory instructions. In most cases I will allow at least one class period between when the homework is assigned and due date to allow you to ask questions or request clarification. Ambiguous instructions are not an excuse for failing to complete homework or for turning in homework late.


Please note, all homework assignments are of equal weight.