Homework assignments will be posted here as they are assigned.

Homework in this class is intended to provide practice in skills needed for the class. I will use these assignments when I have a skill I want you to work on immediately.

Due Dates and Submissions

In general assignments will be due a few class days after they are assigned. I expect you to read and understand the assignment when it is assigned. You should begin working on the assignment immediately and prepare questions for the next class period.

Assignments must be submitted in the form and according to the instructions in the assignment description.

Late assignments will not be accepted.

Neatness Counts

Proper identifying information is required for all homework. This includes your name, section number and homework number.
Each problem should include a problem number and a copy of the problem statement/question.

I reserve the right to deduct points for sloppy work.

Following Instructions and Correctness

In general, your assignment must meet the specification. This includes instructions for performing the assignment, environment expectations and submission instructions. Failure to follow any of these instructions may result in a reduced score or a score of 0.

The format of the submission is important. If you are told to submit a document in a specific format, you must do so. If you do not know how to produce that format, ask for help, well in advance of the due date.

In addition, at times you will be asked to perform work in a specific environment, or using a specific tool. If you fail to do this, your may lose points or receive a 0 on the assignment. If you do not know how to perform the task, or use the environment, ask for help, well in advance of the due date.

Finally, you will be given specific minimal expectations, such as your program must compile with the following flags ... . Failure to meet these expectations may result in a reduced grade or loss of all credit for the assignment.If you need help or clarification, ask for help, well in advance of the due date.