Homework 3, Pseudo-code and Flowcharts.

Short Description:

Design a process to test to see if someone is psychic.


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

The zener cards are a deck of 25 cards, consisting of 5 symbols each repeated five times. These are used to conduct experiments to see if a candidate has ESP.

(From wikipedia)

A simple test for ESP is for the examiner to shuffle a deck of zener cards. After this the examiner will then pick a card and observe it while keeping it hidden from the candidate. The examiner then asks the candidate to predict which of the five shapes the examiner has observed on the card and the examiner records either success or failure. This process is repeated until all cards in the deck have been observed.

After the experiment has been conducted, the number of successes indicates the psychic ability of the candidate. Statistically you can expect most people to predict between 3 and 7 cards correctly. It is unlikely that a person will get 10 cards correctly (1.8% of the time) so we could classify someone who consistently scores 10 or higher as potentially psychic.

For this assignment you will develop pseudo-code and a flowchart for a test procedure to determine if a person is potentially psychic using the above description.

For the deck of cards, use words like shuffle, draw a card and examine a card. For people use words like get prediction.

For the assignment

  1. Create a list of ambiguities associated with this specification and questions you might ask to clear up the ambiguities.
  2. Create pseudo-code to explain how to conduct this experiment.
  3. Create a flowchart showing how to conduct this experiment.


Required Files

A word document containing your answers and a .uxf file of your umlentino diagram.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 3 by the due date.