Homework 1, Computing Goals.

Short Description:

Investigate potential carers in Computing.


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

As a followup to the first discussions of computing carers please do the following. Provide answers in a word document.
  1. At bls.gov, investigate one of the Computer and Information Technology Occupations not discussed in class.
    1. Occupation did you investigate and why?
    2. Summarize what people in this occupation do.
    3. What is the salary and expected growth for this occupation?
    4. What education is required to start this occupation?
    5. What skills do workers in this occupation need?
  2. Using a job site (industry specific, company specific, or a site like glassdoor), Find the description for job you might be interested in that requires computing skills.
    1. Provide the job related information.
      • Append a pdf of the page to your document
      • Legible screen shot/s
      • Copy and paste as a last resort.
    2. What are the technical qualifications?
    3. What are the non technical skills/qualifications?
  3. Using the program listing for your degree from the catalog, what classes prepare you for the requirements listed in the previous item? This should include both degree specific and general education requirements.

Required Files

A single word document.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 1 by the due date.