There will be four tests in this class. Three regular tests and a comprehensive final exam.

The three tests will be approximately every fourth week. These tests will consist of material from class, the book, and assigned homework. Tests will include short answer, essay and programming questions.

Students who complete and understand the programming assignments before the test on the material used in that program will have a significant advantage on the tests.

A tentative testing schedule is as follows:
Test Chapters Week Date
1 1-2 4 September 15
2 3-4 7 October 6
3 5-7 12 November 10
Final Everything Finals Week December 8

The final is scheduled for Monday Dec 8

Please note, the dates and material are subject to change. Details on the tests will be formalized two or three days before the test in class.

Students who miss a test will be given a make up only in the case of well documented emergencies. In any case, the content and difficulty of the make up test will be different from that of the original test. I reserve the right to substitute the final exam score for a missed test.

Tests from previous semesters are here.