Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability it is your responsibility to inform me of it before it becomes an issue. I am pleased to provide whatever accommodation is necessary, but can only do so when I am fully informed.

If you plan on taking tests at the Office for Accessibility Services, please make sure that your Test Arrangement Form is filled out and presented to me in advance. I use my copy of this form as a reminder to submit your test to OAS.

In general, I am willing to work with you to solve whatever problem you have that interferes with you ability to successfully complete this class, but I can not do so if I am unaware of the problem. Please feel free to discuss issues that arise, so that we may make accommodations. This policy applies for any problem, permanent or temporary.

Student Disability Accommodations

Pennsylvania Western University of Pennsylvania offers services to meet the accommodation needs of students with many types of disabilities. The Office for Students with Disabilities provides services to students based upon documentation of a disability and a request for accommodations based on this disability. Please refer to PennWest's Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy for additional information.

Updated 8/22