Program assignments will be posted here as they are assigned.

Programs in this class are intended to provide students with deeper and more focused practice with the concepts discussed in class and in the book. True understanding is only available with practice.

Program must be turned in on the assigned due date. No late programs will be accepted.

Program may consist of both programming and written portions. All work should be performed in a professional manner.

Programs :

Written portions of a programs should:

Officially I do not accept late programs. If you find that you will miss a deadline please contact me.

If you turn a valid assignment in on time or early, you may at your option, resubmit it once after performing corrections and receive a higher score. This option is not available to late submissions, or to submissions judged by the instructor to be simply place holders for late programs. The original late score still applies for others submitting late work.

Resubmissions must be made submitted within one week of the time the program is graded. The resubmission may be regraded completely. Resubmission of a program may or may not result in a higher score based upon the corrections performed. All feedback is expected to be incorporated into resubmissions.

The resubmission policy is not available for programs submitted during the last week or classes or finals week.

You are responsible for ALL code submitted. You should know what this code does and be able to explain how the code works. I may, at my option, require an oral code review for any program submitted.

If you use external sources to complete your programs, you should document this. This includes sources where you copied sections of code, persons who supplied lines of code or collaborators. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result in severe academic penalties.