Programming Contest Team

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Programming Contest Team

Practice is every Friday following CS Club

3:00 or 3:30

If you are interestd, please join us.

Current Notes

Current practice problems, notes and such.


What is a programming contest?

A programming contest is a three to five hour competition where teams of up to three members attempt to provide programming solutions to a set of problems. Teams usually have access to a single computer for the contests. The ACM page has more information.

What type of problems are you asked to solve?

Problems are usually simple, given you see the trick. Many contests include vector problems, graphics algorithms, and graph theory. Usually the problems can be written in less than 200 lines of code.

In what events will we participate?

We usually participate in

How have you done in the past?

Edinboro has been active in the PACISE contest for years, and usually places well.

Who may join?

Any student in the university may join the team. All experience levels are welcome. We need people with a wide variety of skills including:

What is involved in practice

We attempt to meet once a week for practice. Either individually or as teams we attempt to solve a set of problems in a limited amount of time. After the time has expired, we analyze our experience for the day.

What does it cost?

In the past, the Computer Club has helped to fund the team.

How can I join the team?

Send email to Dan Bennett (, or attend one of the early practice sessions. Times and locations will be posted.

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