Dan Bennett's Contact Information

Contact Information

Dan Bennett, Associate Professor
Computer Science and Information Systems
Pennsylvania Western University of Pennsylvania
220 Scotland Road
158 Ross Hall
Edinboro PA 16444.

Phone: (814)732-1177
Email: dbennett@pennwest.edu
Web Page: mirkwood.cs.edinboro.edu/~bennett
Office: 158 Ross Hall
Virtual Office: http://pennwest-edu.zoom.us/j/737881330

I prefer to be contacted by email. This will allow me to answer as quickly as I can. I watch my email even when I am not present in my office.

Dan Bennett's Schedule, Fall 2023

Dan Bennett's Schedule for Fall 2023

Time MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
8:00 Office Hour   Office Hour    
9:00 CMAC 3100 Wesley IS (9:30) CMAC 3100   CMAC 3100
10:00 Office Hour   Office Hour   Office Hour
11:00 CMAC/CMSC 2040 University Common Hour CMAC/CMSC 2040 Meetings CMAC/CMSC 2040
12:00 CMAC/CMSC 1200   CMAC/CMSC 1200   CMAC/CMSC 1200
2:00 CMAC/CMSC 1200 Chris IS CMAC/CMSC 1200   CMAC/CMSC 1200
3:00         CS Club/ Programming Contest

Other office hours are available by appointment.

Occasional Meetings

Finals Week Schedule