Homework assignments will be posted here as they are assigned.

Homework in this class is intended to provide students practice with the concepts discussed in class and in the book. True understanding is only available with practice.

Due Dates and Submissions

Due dates will be mentioned in the assignment. No late homework will be accepted.

All homework will be sumitted to the appropriate D2L assignment folder.

If you are given other instructions for submission, you must follow those instructions. For example, if the assignment requires the submission of a .tar file, it is unacceptable to submit a .zip file. Such submissions will count as a 0. If you do not understand how to submit an assignment, or feel that the instructions are ambiguous, please ask for assistance.

Quality Expectations

All homework must be presented in a professional manner. Essay type questions must be typed. Diagrams should be produced using some form of diagramming software. Microsoft Visio or the Dia Diagram editor are acceptable choices.

Proper identifying information is required for all homework. Each homework should include your name, class, and information about which homework it is. Each problem should include a problem number, or possibly a copy of the problem statement/question.

Make sure that you use plenty of white space to make your work readable.

I reserve the right to deduct points for sloppy work.

Well designed and documented programs are expected. High quality programming is required. This includes modular, self documenting code.

All work submitted is expected to be that of the submitter. If your work includes contribution from other sources, this should be noted clearly and prominently in the code documentation, both internal and external. Such contributions include examples from the book, instructor and on line sources as well as significant collaboration with other students. Failure to provide such documentation is cheating and will be dealt with as such.