There will be two tests in this class.

The approximate date for the first test is October 3 and will cover material discussed up to this point in the class. The dates and material are subject to change. Details on the tests will be formalized a week or two before the test in class.

Students who complete and understand the programming and homework assignments before the test on the material used in that program or homework will have a significant advantage on the tests over students who have not done this work.

Students are expected to take the tests at the scheduled dates. Students who fail to take a test for trivial reasons will be given a score of 0. If a make-up test is given, it will not necessarily be equivalent in content or difficulty to the original test.

I reserve the right to substitute the final exam score for a missed test.

The final exam will be comprehensive. At least 60% of the test will be from the material covered after the second test, the remaining questions will be drawn from the other material covered in the class. The final exam is scheduled for Monday December 5 at 10:15. Wednesday Dec 7 at 8:00 am.

Tests from previous classes are available.