Introduction to Cybersecurity, CSCI 277

Welcome to CSCI 277 Fall 2022.

In this course we will take a look at the basics of cybersecurity. We will discuss what it means to have a secure computing system and we will attempt to understand some of the issues and problems involved in maintaining such a system. We will do this through lectures, labs, and experimentation.

This course will require the use of a virtual machine host. Computers with such software are available in the Buba lab. While installing such software will be discussed in class, students may find it more convenient to use the provided facilities.

This course will cover topics in both cybersecurity and computing in general. It is not expected, for example, that you are an expert at computer networking. Topics necessary for understanding cybersecurity topics such as networking will be taught and you are expected to learn this material.

Section 1 : MWF 1:00 to 1:50

I am the instructor of record for this class. Only the instructor of record for this class can issue a final grade.