Grades will be based on performance on a number of measurements. It is important that you participate in all of these measurements. If you must miss one of these measurements, please contact the instructor to arrange a make up.

Measurement Quantity When Value
Assignments 10-20 Weekly 65%
Tests 2 Every 5 weeks 20%
Final Exam1 May 1 15%

Grades will be assigned as follows:

Class Average Grade
0% - 59% F
60% - 69% D
70% - 79% C
80% - 89% B
90% - 100% A

I reserve the right to lower the ranges in this table if I feel that it is appropriate. I will not raise the standards of performance.

In general, a + grade will be a point or two points lower than the maximum for the range. For example, an B+ might be assigned for a grade of 88% or 89%, but I will adjust this as I assign final grades. I generally do not assign - grades.

Attendance Quizzes

For any classes that are conducted online, I will assign a one point Attendance quiz each week. By taking the quiz, you are "answering roll call" for the week and thus have attend classes for that week. I will add 1 point to your homework score for each quiz taken.