There will be a midterm and a final.

All tests will be closed book, no notes, no internet. You may not consult with others on these tests.

The midterm will consist of material from class, the book, and assigned homework. It may include short answer, essay questions and programming.

Students who complete and understand the programming assignments before the test on the material used in that program will have a significant advantage on the test.

Make up tests will only be given in the case of a pre-approved absence or an officially excused emergency. If you have a conflict with a scheduled test, you must contact me BEFORE the test. I reserve the right to offer a make up test or to count the score obtained on the final exam in place of the missed test.

The final exam will be comprehensive and follow the format of the midterm.

A tentative testing schedule is as follows:
TestWeek Date
Midterm 7 Oct 4
Final 15 Dec 6, 10:00 AM

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