Computer Architecture I, CSCI 312, Section 1

Welcome to CSCI 312, section 1, Fall 2003. In this class we will study the basics of the structure and orginization of computers. We will discuss the fundimental digital logic and the elements from which basic circuits are constructed. We will examine how computations are performed using this logic. We will discuss data representation and storage at the lowest level.

We will discuss the construction and operation of a simple CPU, memory unit and device buses. The SPARC assembly language will be discussed as well as a pipelined CPU.

We will be using a package called tkgate to simulate circuits. This package runs under the X window system. You will either need a unix machine running X or will need to plan on spending time in the lab. Depending on availablility, we may also write programs in sparc assembly, in which case you will need to use the sparc machines in this department.

This course will be a combination of mathematics, computer engineering and computer science. Students are encouraged to:

This class meets MW 3:00 to 4:15 in Doucette Hall room 223.