Homework assignments will be posted here as they are assigned.

Homework in this class is intended to provide students practice with the concepts discussed in class and in the book. True understanding is only available with practice.

Please remember, it is best to turn your homework in when it is due. If you can not complete your homework on time, second best is to turn it in late. It is completely unacceptable to fail to turn homework in. In any case homework more than two weeks late will not be accepted.

I plan on using tkgate for homework in chapters 2 and 3. I have a copy of this installed on cslab41 in my account. You will need to be logged into a machine running unix or linux and the X window server to run this program. We will discuss this in class at the appropriate time. You can try the program (~dbennett/bin/tkgate).

I also plan on assigning sparc assembly language programs for chapters 4, 5 and 6. You will need to be able to perform simple editing in this environment (cslab60).

Homework should be:

Please note, all homework must be turned in by Dec 8 at 11:59PM.