Homework 1, Chapter 1.

Short Description:

Do the following activities related to chapter 1.


After you complete this exercise you should have

Formal Description

Please perform the following activities. Answer any questions, perform any discussions in a word document. You will be required to submit this world document to complete this homework.
  1. Find three current (within the last two months) news stories involving cybersecurity attacks.
    1. Provide a reference url or better yet, attach each article at the end of the work document in an appendix.
    2. Provide a one paragraph summary of the article.
    3. In addition, describe the content of the article using the terms in chapter 1.
      • Was the article about a threat, vulnerability, control?
      • What part of the CIA triad was involved?
      • Describe the attacker if there was one. How would you classify this attacker?
      • Describe any assets compromised and the value of the assets.
      • Was harm caused? If so what?
      • Were any controls ignored?
  2. Perform a personal cybersecurity audit.

Required Files

An single word document containing discussions and answers to the questions.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 1 by the due date.