A major focus of this class is programming. Students are expected to produce working programs that solve the problem in the program description. These programs must be well written and documented. They should be the original work of the submitter.

It is your responsibility to follow instructions and make sure that material submitted is in the correct form. If your material is in an incorrect format, I will make every attempt to access this material, or contact you if I can not decipher it, but it is ultimately your responsibility to submit the material in the correct form.

Remember, it is best to turn the programs in on time, but if you must be late, it is better to turn the programs in than fail to do so. In any case, no program will be accepted more than two weeks late.

Programming is a difficult, time consuming, and sometimes frustrating activity. Students should plan on spending significant time in the computer lab solving the assigned homework.

Programs are due One Week after they are assigned.