Lab 9

Write a program that computes the odds for a simple lottery game.

In this game, a number of balls are selected from a bin, and any player with the matching set of numbers wins.

Your program should ask the user how many balls are in the bin, and how many will be chosen.

The odds of winning the game with n balls from which m are selected are


So if there are 5 balls, where 2 are chosen, the odds of winning are

     5!       5*4*3*2     5*2 = 10
  --------  = -------  = 
    2!*3!      2*3*2
or 1:10.

You may either assume that the input will be small enough so that all computations will fit into an integer, or you may use the GMP package.

You should probably use a function.

When finished, email the .C file to me.