Grades will be based on performance on a number of measurements. It is important that you participate in all of these measurements. If you must miss one of these measurements, please contact the instructor to arrange a make up.

Measurement Quantity When Value
Labs and Homework 10-14 As Needed 10%
Programs 4 Every Week 45%
Tests 3 Every (+/-) Week 30%
Final Exam 1 Last Day 15%

Grades will be assigned as follows:
Class Average Grade
0% - 59% F
60% - 69% D
70% - 79% C
80% - 89% B
90% - 100% A

I reserve the right to lower the ranges in this table if I feel that it is appropriate. I will not raise the standards of performance.

All labs and programs must be turned in by August 13 at class time. (This is the day after the final exam, and no exceptions will be made)