Test 1 CSCI 130 Fall 2022

  1. Algorithms
    1. [6 points] Define algorithm.
    2. [4 points] An algorithm must meet two criteria. What are these criteria?
  2. Program Design
    1. [6 points] List, in order, the major steps in the Programming Process .
    2. [4 points] At least two of the major steps above involve testing or verifying. Why are these steps important?
  3. Syntax vs Convention
    1. [2 points] Give an example of a syntax rule in c++
    2. [2 points] Give an example of a programming convention used in our class.
    3. [4 points] Explain the difference between a convention and a syntax rule. State the entity responsible for judging/enforcing each.
    4. [2 points] Why is it important to follow programming conventions?
  4. Constants and Variables.
    1. [3 points] Describe at least three commonalities between variables and constants. These can be syntax rules, conventions, or properties.
    2. [2 points] Describe at THE major difference between variables and constants.
    3. [2 points] What is an identifier?
    4. [3 points] Is an identifier the same as a constant/variable? Explain.
  5. Program Construction.
    1. [3 points] What is the purpose of a text editor?
    2. [3 points] What does a compiler do?
  6. Program Outline
    1. [4 points] Give the basic outline of all c++ programs. (This is code and should look like code)