A problem

You are working on a building project with a measuring device which only reports inches. Finding it difficult to deal with these measurements, you have decided to write an app which converts inches to yards, feet and inches.

Your program should prompt the user for a measurement given in inches. You program should then compute the measurement in yards, feet and inches. Finally, you should provide a check by converting your values back to inches.

Your output should conform to the following example:

Please enter a measurement in inches: 51
51 inches is the same as:
   Yards:     1
   Feet:      1
   Inches:    3

1 Yards 1 Feet and 3 inches is 51 inches.

An Algorithm

  1. Problem description: Given a measurement in inches, convert this to inches, feet and yards.
  2. Algorithm
  3. Example computation
  4. Questions?
    1. Will there be a need to compute chains, furlongs miles and leagues?
    2. Will there be a need to use a rational system like the metric system?