Homework X, Title.

Short Description:

Create a data type to support the Ability statistic in for an implementation of a game using The Simple Game System 2E-R5


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

The Simple Game System is a set of RPG rules developed by Chris Gonnerman. This short set of rules allows players to participate in easy to play shared story based adventures. We will be using these rules to motivate some of our exercises this semester. The rules are available at the above we site, with a local copy here.

For your first exercise you will implement the ability statistic as a strong enumerated type, along with operations on this type. Since we might incorporate this code in future projects, you must comply with the following specifications.

I can't figure out a good way to test without the following restriction. I don't like it, but please put your abilities in the order listed in the document (strong, weak, tough, sickly, clever, ..., none).

Please use the following


I believe that AbilityTest is a good test of this class. If I find any errors I will correct them. Your code should compile and run with the provided files. If it is correct, it should produce no output.

You will probably want to comment out sections of this driver as you develop your code. That is fine, but I will replace your driver with mine when I test the code. In the end your code must work with this driver or you will receive a 0 with no make up.

You must use a strong enumerated type. Failure to do so will result is a 0, with no make up.

You must compile with the provided compiler flags. Failure to do so will result in a 0 with no make up.

The test file takes precedence over this write up. If you find a conflict, please inform me before the due date.

Required Files

A single tar file containing the source code and Makefile for this program.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 2 by the due date.