Homework 3, A two dimensional array class.

Short Description:

Design, implement and test a two dimensional array class.


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

Design, implement and test a two dimensional array class. This class should allocate memory at run time. Once allocated, the size of this array will never change.

You should design a useful interface for this class. As a minimum it should include:

You should begin by documenting the interface you wish to create. This can be in a text file or in a word document. If you choose a text file, place it in ReadMe.txt. The word document should be called ReadMe.docx. This should fully describe the interface and any conditions for use of the class. This document should also describe how you plan to test your code.

You should implement your code in Array2T.h and Array2T.cpp.

You should provide a working test driver to demonstrate that your class works (ie implement your test cases). In addition this should demonstrate how to use your class. If your test cases do not cover the entire interface, design more test cases.


Required Files

A single tar file containing the source code and makefile for this program.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder Homework 3 by the due date.