Homework 1, Some Computations.

Short Description:

Perform some computations related to computer architecture.


When you finish this homework, you should have:

Formal Description

Please solve the following problems. See the notes section below for further requirements.
  1. Demonstrate the Factor-Label method by converting 1.23Mib to kb.
  2. Europe and North America are drifting apart from each other at a rate of 0.438 cm every year. How many years are required for the continents to drift 1.00 meter apart?
  3. The Raspberry Pi 2 had a 900MHz clock. If the CPI was 1, how long did it take to execute a single instruction?
  4. If a clock has a period of 1.2 μs, what is the frequency of this clock?
  5. The original Raspberry Pi had a 700MHz clock. Assume that this processor had a CPI of 1.3 (I made this up). Assume a program takes 900 million instructions to execute. How long would it take to run this program? Give the answer in seconds, rounded to the nearest 100th.
  6. Assume the same conditions from the previous problem except for processor speed. How long would it take to run this program on a Raspberry Pi 2?
  7. Please do question 1.4 page 60.
  8. Please do question 1.5 parts a and b page 60.


Required Files

A document containing the answers and possibly a spreadsheet or other computation file containing the numeric computations.


Submit the assignment to the D2L folder homework 1 by the due date.