PACISE Contest

RankNameSolvedTime    A        B        C        D        E        F    Total att/solv
1try && catch { up }: Millersville67531/591/1891/1692/1291/781/1097/6
2N-Grnz: Bloomsburg 44791/530/--1/1072/1381/1610/--5/4
3The #! : Edinboro45401/1060/--1/1650/--1/1821/874/4
4Red Team: Bloomsburg45591/1862/1170/--0/--1/542/1626/4
5Sudo Useradd CU Eagles: Clarion33571/600/--1/931/2040/--0/--3/3
6404 Brain Not Found: Millersville34521/680/--1/1592/--0/--2/2056/3
7SRU-CS team: Slippery Rock36473/1982/1782/1910/--2/--0/--9/3
8Alpha: Bloomsburg22261/850/--1/1410/--0/--0/--2/2
9Crimson Hawks: IUP23561/--0/--0/--1/1992/1371/--5/2
10Crimson Hawks 2: IUP24102/1201/--0/--0/--5/1900/--8/2
11class Brick implements Throwable: Millersville1541/540/--0/--1/--0/--0/--2/1
12Stone Throw: Edinboro1561/560/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/1
13Han Solo1951/950/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/1
14MU Coders: Mansfield137410/1940/--0/--0/--0/--0/--10/1
15Crimson Hawks 3: IUP003/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/0
RankNameSolvedTime    A        B        C        D        E        F    Total att/solv
Submitted/1st Yes/Total Yes29/53/136/117/38/93/79/129/413/54/67/87/472/37

Due to a format problem in the test input dataset, the following teams had problem A judged as incorrect. The problem was fixed approximately 53 minutes into the contest. Any team with an incorrect judgement for problem A before the 53 minute time mark had that judgement removed and the associated 20 minute penalty was removed from the team's time if applicable.

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Last updated Sat Apr 01 11:31:47 EDT 2017