Programming Contest Environment

The programming contest environment will be a modified version of what was used at the 2016 Southeast USA Region ICPC. This has been modified for the local environment. The original version is available. This page also includes a description of the environment and available editors and compilers.

In our contest, we will only support C, C++ and JAVA.

This environment will be installed on a usb drive. If you wish, you may download this environment for practice.

The image for our contest will be available here. Warning this is a large image (2.6GB)

The contest will be conducted using PC2, the Programming Contest Control System version 9.2.4-2837. A team guide is available.

Please note, this environment has extremely limited internet access. Only what is required for PC2. You will not have access to any other on line sources.

In both cases below, be extremely careful to select the proper drives. Invalid drive selection will cause harm to your system.

Installing A Drive from Windows

  1. Download both the image and the utility.
  2. Unzip each.
  3. Put a 16G USB drive in your computer. The contents of the drive will be erased
  4. Start USBImageTool.exe
  5. Select the drive and click on restore.
  6. The file selector window will pop up, select the disk image.
  7. Confirm that you want to restore the image.
  8. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen will show progress.
  9. This will take some time.
  10. Boot from this usb drive into the contest environment.

Installing a drive from Linux

  1. Download and unzip the image.
  2. Plug in the usb drive and note the mount point. (df)
  3. The next step will remove all data from the usb drive
  4. as root execute: dd if=PACISE_17.img of=/dev/sd? bs=8M
  5. This will take some time
  6. As root: sync
  7. Boot from this usb drive into the contest environment.